Bullet Club's All In Show - Everything You Need To Know

This ain't a one off...

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On 1 September, Cody and fellow Bullet Club pals The Young Bucks bring their All In show to Chicago's Sears Centre Arena, and it's going to kick ass.

Seriously, this is the most exciting independent show in years, possibly ever. With around 10,000 fans set to be in attendance, a whole host of New Japan Pro Wrestling and ROH names, other indy talent and no WWE in sight, it's a tantalising prospect for those seeking something different.

Cody, The Bucks and some other friends recently held a press conference to give more information on what people can expect from All In, announce a few extra stars, reveal the card's first match, tease the entire internet like the rapscallions they are and even sing a little karaoke.

The conference did exactly what the Bullet Club wanted: it got people talking about their event. So, what do we already know about All In, and why should you care? If historical significance alone doesn't quite do it for you, then maybe the group's own personal excitement, sense of accomplishment and future plans for the idea will...

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