Bullet Club's 10k Indie Show "All In" Set For Sept 1, 2018

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cody rhodes all in

The independent "10k" wrestling show we were promised by Cody Rhodes last year appears to have taken a giant step towards becoming a reality today.

Cody, who conceived the idea after a Tweet from Dave Meltzer in May, posted a cryptic message to his account this afternoon reading: "I'm @ALL_IN_2018, September 1st".

The same Tweet was later posted by Young Bucks Matt and Nick Jackson, who are purported to be co-producing the event with the former WWE star.

The trio all linked to the same Twitter profile, @ALL_IN_2018, which is headed by a banner featuring the three of them as well as Kenny Omega.

Though the NJPW star is yet to formally announce his participation, this would seem to confirm that he is scheduled for an appearance.

The final face featured on the banner is that of actor and life-long wrestling fan Stephen Amell, who was present at Ring of Honor's Survival of the Fittest in November.

Further details, including those pertaining to the location of the event - which hopes to draw 10,000 fans - are yet to be made public.

However, speculation that Daniel Bryan could be involved is perhaps wide of the mark: the SmackDown GM's contract is up in September, making it unlikely that he would be cleared in time to compete.

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