Can You Guess The WWE Superstar From These Lyrics?

How well do you know the words to current WWE themes? Test yourself here...


Brace yourself for a stern test.

There are no musical clips here to help you along, just a line or two from each WWE star's lyric sheet. It might sound like it'll be a breeze, but there are some tough brain-teasers in here that'll challenge even the most passionate WWE fan.

This is more of a test of your ability to cut through crowd noise, the announcing and everything else to actually hear the words. Some theme collectors out there may have already listened to each tune without distractions. If so, then the real challenge will be singing the lyrics in your head to fit a specific song; it's deceptively difficult stuff.

Making things even more taxing, we're not giving anything away with the images. All we'll tell you now is that John Cena isn't the answer to every one of these questions - but he might be the solution to one of them (that's one of the easier ones).

Before you begin, remember that only current stars from Raw, SmackDown, 205 Live and NXT qualified. That's the last bit of help you're getting. Good luck...

1. "We Ain't Ashamed That We Came From The Park, And If You're Lookin' For Trouble Our Bite Is Worse Than Our Bark"

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