Carmella Cashes-In To Become WWE SmackDown Women's Champion

The Princess usurps The Queen with a little outside assistance...

Carmella SmackDown Charlotte

Charlotte Flair might have been ready for Asuka this Sunday, but she wasn't prepared for Carmella, who successfully cashed-in her Money in the Bank contract on the post-WrestleMania episode of SmackDown.

She needed just a smidgen of help to get over the line at long last, mind you. Whilst out thanking fans for their support during her victory over the Empress of Tomorrow, the champ was waylaid by the debuting, rampaging Iconic Duo Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. With Flair left completely prone in the middle of the ring, Carmella legged it to ringside, forcing her briefcase into the hands of Mike Chioda. The ref eventually called for the bell after quite a bit of fannying about, following which the Princess of Staten Island planted a kick to the kisser of a staggering Charlotte and claimed her first WWE title.

Flair had maintained an iron grip on the blue belt since dismissing Naomi in her hometown of Charlotte, NC back in November. Her usurper had been lugging around the Money in the Bank briefcase even longer, having first claimed it courtesy of James Ellsworth last June, and then again in a rematch the following week. She holds the record for longest time between winning the contract and cashing it in.

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