Chris Jericho & Matt Riddle Involved In Twitter Feud

The Original Bro can't keep out of Twitter trouble at the moment.

Chris Jericho Matt Riddle
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Matt Riddle can't keep his Twitter fingers at bay at the moment, with his latest comments on Goldberg drawing unwanted attention from a number of the former WCW star's workmates - including Chris Jericho.

Last week saw Riddle playfully suggest WWE made Goldberg's rumoured bout with Dolph Ziggler a Triple Threat after shooting on the WCW legend during his disastrous Saudi Arabian match with The Undertaker. This led to a fan tweeting a snippet from one of Jericho's book re: promo conduct, to which 'Y2J' responded:-

Riddle, of course, couldn't stay silent:-

It's hard to put too much stock into any of this, as is the case with Twitter spats. It's professional wrestling, and wrestlers are always working, so everything documented here is unlikely to be anything more than opportunistic performers sensing an opportunity to draw attention to themselves.

Regardless, it's hard to imagine Riddle's constant criticisms of Goldberg sitting well with his employers, particularly as the former WCW Champion looks set to continue his relationship with WWE following the Super Show-Down mess. Here's hoping it doesn't land him in any trouble.

Riddle also did this at the weekend, so... yeah. Living his best life, etc.

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