Looks like WhatCulture! might just get the WWE Wrestlemania 28 title match we have been campaigning for after all. PWInsider reports that a Chris Jericho vs CM Punk match is expected to be one of three main events already pencilled in for the grand daddy of them all, happening April 1st in Miami, Florida.

As we have said before, the WWE January 2rd return promo’s that have been airing during Raw recently are designed for Chris Jericho’s return at the RAW Supershow that takes place that day from Nashville, Tennessee. Y2J is expected to be part of the 30-man main event and as I have predicted (and how I would book it) I would have him win the match to go on and face Punk at Wrestlemania.

Plans of course can change at the WWE on an daily basis but the other two main events set are The Rock vs. John Cena (which is set in stone as the marquee match) and The Undertaker vs. an unknown opponent.

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This article was first posted on December 12, 2011