CM Punk Reportedly Turned Down 'A Lot Of Money' To Join AEW

No text message offer this time...

CM Punk

According to Dave Meltzer, speaking on Wrestling Observer Live, AEW President Tony Khan recently offered "a lot of money" to CM Punk. Punk declined the offer, opting instead for the ultimate 2014 revenge: snarkily burying WWE's product as an official analyst and being paid handsomely by FOX for the privilege.

Author's Note:

This is an interesting indicator of Punk's desire to return to the ring.

More candid with the media on all matters wrestling in recent months, Punk disclosed that he is open to offers, provided negotiations are opened formally and seriously. He did not deem Cody's text message a respectful offer, which created acrimony between both parties. Per Meltzer, Khan sought to remedy this, presumably not via WhatsApp: Meltzer reported that they met in person. And still, Punk declined.

Does this mean Punk has no interest in returning to the ring...or just an AEW ring?

Backstage may yet prove to be a gateway, and Monday Night RAW, for now, is influenced to a reasonable degree by Paul Heyman, a close friend of Punk whom he credits with his success in the mainstream.

"It would have to be a big bag," Punk has also stated, in regards to a WWE offer. If he does return, he's looking at Lesnar money, clearly.

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