Cody Rhodes Reveals Whether Fans Can Expect Blood In AEW

Is AEW going extreme?

AEW Double Or Nothing Cody Dustin

Cody Rhodes has revealed that fans of All Elite Wrestling can expect "violence and physical storytelling" in the promotion, as they present a "sport-centric product", according to an interview he did with

Blood was a much discussed topic following AEW's 'Double or Nothing' pay-per-view last month after the copious amounts spilled by Dustin Rhodes in the match with his brother, Cody.

When the AEW Executive Vice President was asked about it, he responded:-

"When it comes to violence in our industry, when it comes to blood, when it comes to those things it should never be a topic but I love that it is and I understand why. But when it comes up it just … You’ve got to pick a lane."

Rhodes admitted that he and Dustin didn't anticipate that amount of blood in their match, but promised fans it wouldn't be something the organisation would shy away from, saying:-

"...if you’re looking for violence and physical storytelling that’s a big part of what AEW is going to bring. There’s not any guidelines to how our pay-per-views are going to be. They’re treated as a sport-centric product...You see it in boxing, somebody gets a hematoma on their forehead. It happens and it will happen at AEW.”
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