Daniel Bryan Announces WWE SmackDown Return

New father to come back on post-MITB show.

Daniel Bryan
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Just over a month after celebrating the arrival of his daughter Birdie to the world (a Street Fighter fan?), Daniel Bryan is set to fish out his finest tartan shirt and return to WWE screens. Via Twitter, the new 'Daddy Dazzler' announced - in addition to his excitement for the upcoming, historic, Money in the Bank PPV - that he would be re-alighting on SmackDown live sets this Tuesday.

Bryan has been off television since 11 April's Superstar Shake-up, taking time out with his wife Brie as they awaited and welcomed their precious new gift's birth. The 'Worlds Toughest Vegan' has probably been quite a busy man since leaving our screens, and we wonder if he's been keeping up with proceedings on the blue brand. For example, is he aware that during his absence, Jinder Mahal has become WWE champion? That'll be a shock.

Clearly things have gone to pot without his stewardship. In non tongue-in-cheek terms, Bryan's return to SmackDown will be more than welcome for WWE officials. This past week, the show's ratings have dipped to a yearly low, and its malaise is plain to see. Post-PPV shows traditionally benefit from a bounce in viewership, but WWE will be hoping Bryan's comeback this Tuesday ensures that bounce is just a little bit higher.

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Editorial Team

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