Daniel Bryan & The Miz In Heated Exchange On Talking Smack

The former NXT rookie and pro turned GM and champ had a bit of a barney last night.

Daniel Bryan The Miz Talking Smack

SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan and Intercontinental Champion The Miz got into an extremely heated exchange on Talking Smack last night, one that saw The Miz accuse Bryan of being a coward and talking of the former IC Champion's early retirement, causing Bryan to walk off in protest.

The argument began when Bryan told Miz that he didn't like the way he wrestled, going one further and saying he was more impressed with Apollo Crews at SummerSlam. Miz responded by stating he defeated Crews at the event clean as a whistle, but Bryan went further by saying that Miz wrestles 'like a coward'.

The Most Must-See IC Champion In History then launched into an impassioned defence of his work, pointing to his total lack of injuries over his career as proof of his qualities. He turned told Bryan that it was he who was the coward, for promising fans a return that would never truly happen. Bryan responded by stating that he would return if he was cleared, but Miz continued to dig in the knife causing DBry to storm off set.

The Miz continued after Bryan was gone, launching into what may well be the finest promo on WWE TV all year long.

A work or a shoot? Who cares, it was fantastic.

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