Dixie Carter Holding Up TNA Sale

Time is almost up.

dixie carter

Things are looking increasingly scary for TNA right now. We don't even know yet if Bound for Glory will air on Sunday, or if there will be any Impact tapings next week. Basically, this could finally be the end.

Multiple parties have tried to buy the company, from Billy Corgan to Aroluxe to WWE (for the tape library), but something, or someone, has been holding it all up. That someone appears to be Dixie Carter.

Dave Meltzer has reported that Dixie still owns 70% of the company and says there are "games being played" and that "she has really made a mess and is responsible for it."

Since she's still in control, she gets to decide who will own TNA, and she's running out of time to make that decision. Roughly $600,000 are needed for the upcoming shows, and there are no funds in place yet to make that happen.

Meltzer also topped this off in regards to Dixie "I've never met someone so clueless."

Well, hopefully she gets a clue quick, and does right by the potential buyers, their current business partners around the world and the wrestlers themselves, and finally makes a decision.

If she doesn't decide by Friday, that means there's no Bound for Glory this weekend, which means no TV tapings, which means there is likely no more TNA.


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