Do WWE Know What They Are Doing?

Why are they promoting Roman Reigns as the top guy when the fans don't care?
Let€™s dispel once and for all this fiction that WWE doesn€™t know what it€™s doing. It knows exactly what it€™s doing. It€™s making smart marks out of us all. Fans and critics agree that the continued rise of Roman Reigns as the company€™s top babyface seems to prove that WWE are out of touch with its fans. €œCan€™t they hear the boos?€ we all ask, week after week, as Roman overcomes impossible odds, gains title shot after title shot, and dominates the roster. In one of his latest €œWhat Just Happened€ videos, Adam Blampied had this to say about Fastlane:
€œIt€™s confirmation in the fans€™ minds that no matter what we want, no matter if we boo or cheer, we€™re only being given one thing, and that€™s what they€™re telling us we want. €What is confirm everything the fans thought going to do €“ no surprises, just this crushing sense of inevitability, like the fans don€™t matter. Because ultimately in today€™s WWE, they don€™t.€
You can watch him say the words for himself below... The following evening on Monday Night Raw, The Authority put Roman in a match with Sheamus. In as predictable a sequence as the entire Fastlane main event, Roman ducked a Brogue Kick, landed a Superman Punch, and then Speared Sheamus outside the ring. All the while, the crowd chanted €œTriple H! Triple H! Triple H!...€ The referee began his ten count as both superstars lay on the mat outside. Reigns managed to roll back into the ring at the count of eight, while Sheamus showed no sign of getting to his feet. Just before the ref counted Sheamus out, The Game€™s music blared through the stadium, prompting the crowd to jump to their feet in unison.
Triple H arrived on the ramp wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and a leather jacket, title over his shoulder, fists taped up for a fight. Michael Cole reacted by proclaiming that €œThis is not good.€ JBL responded flatly with a €œWe don€™t know that.€ Granted, JBL is the heel commentator. But with a roaring crowd behind him, don€™t his words resonate immensely? Triple H made his way to the ring, meeting Reigns and exchanging blows with him. Each time Roman managed to get the upper-hand, the arena rumbled with boos. When he hurled Triple H over the barricade and into the timekeeper€™s area, the home viewing audience probably half-expected to see tomatoes fly from the crowd. But Hunter rose from the ashes. He smashed the ring bell into Roman€™s throat. He lifted Roman€™s head and viciously crashed it into the announce table over and over, the crowd erupting in €œYes€ chants at each strike (two weeks after Daniel Bryan€™s retirement, for goodness sake). Hunter picked up Roman€™s now-bloody and lifeless body to deliver the coup de grace: a Pedigree on the steel steps. He cocked his fist in Reigns-like fashion and crotch-chopped over the crippled contender. The crowd ate it up.
Triple H grabbed the championship belt and held it high above Roman€™s carcass. He stared out into an ocean of fans giving him a positive ovation and baying for more of The Big Dog's blood. And he€™s supposed to be the bad guy...
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