Does Matt Riddle Have Backstage Heat With WWE Officials?

Has 'The Original Bro's' war on Goldberg gone too far?

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle had a great time watching Goldberg's disaster of a match with The Undertaker at WWE Super Show-Down in June, hitting social media with all kinds of barbs aimed at the former WCW Champion.

Amongst Riddle's most notable posts were a since-deleted video in which he called Goldberg "absolutely the worst wrestler" and another stating he "gets mad at certain people because they're unsafe, dangerous, and a liability to everyone else." It was a wild ride, but one that seemingly passed without punishment.

This might not be the case with Riddle's latest shot at Goldberg:-

Relatively innocuous compared to Matt's previous posts, but posted this soon after:-

That they've cropped out the quote-tweeters name and tag is telling. It could be a courtesy extended to the person in question so that they don't get in trouble with the company, or it could be a sign that the whole thing is fabricated. Either way, it's easy to understand why WWE officials might not be best pleased with Riddle's conduct re: Goldberg.

It is expected that WWE will establish Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler on one of this week's go-home TV episodes.

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