Dolph Ziggler Signs New Long-Term WWE Contract

A "sweetheart deal" for 'The Show-Off.'

Two months removed from relinquishing the United States Title and walking out on SmackDown, Dolph Ziggler has reportedly signed what has been described as a "sweetheart deal" with WWE.

This is according to The Locker Room podcast, whose host Bill 'The Hacker' Hamin claims that while 'The Show-Off' was close to legitimately leaving the company after the Royal Rumble, he has been convinced to stay after receiving "an offer [he] couldn't refuse."

Dolph entered the Rumble at number 30, but lasted just two minutes prior to to his elimination. He was totally ineffective, and this was because he "already had two feet out the door" before WWE's last minute offer, according to Hamin. Now, he'll be sticking around, and his new deal includes a couple of big provisions.

The first states that Ziggler will be allowed to leave after his matches, and won't be made to hang around the arena, unlike other wrestlers. On top of this, WWE will now allow him to pursue outside projects on the grounds they don't interfere with his wrestling schedule.

This sounds like an extremely favourable deal for a wrestler who's spent the past few years treading water. We'll likely hear more from Dolph on this week's SmackDown, when he returns to face Baron Corbin.

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