EC3 Expected To Join WWE Soon

The cost-cutting continues in Impact Wrestling...

EC3 TNA Champion

Wrestling Observer Radio are reporting that Ethan Carter III will put pen to paper on a WWE contract soon and cut ties with Impact Wrestling.

Dave Meltzer said on the show that EC3 is a definite to join the company in early-2018, and he also claimed in the same breath that Bobby Lashley had a good chance of joining him. That raised more eyebrows than Carter, simply because Lashley didn't leave WWE on great terms in 2008.

At 41, Lashley is still in great shape and is a better all-round performer than he was a decade ago. His love of MMA may also be something WWE wish to exploit by putting him in a match against Brock Lesnar.

For now, it seems clear that EC3 will be WWE bound (probably for a run on NXT) shortly, and this represents another big blow for the Impact Wrestling roster.

The Observer had noted before that Impact were looking to cut all big money deals from the budget. Both Carter and Lashley's deals are due to expire soon, and they're unlikely to be offered similar terms.

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