Enzo Amore Kicked Out Of WWE Survivor Series 2018

Yes, that's right: Enzo Amore.

Enzo Amore Survivor Series 2018
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There was a surprise - and unsolicited - appearance at WWE's Survivor Series this evening, as none other than wrestler-turned-crap-rapper Enzo Amore unexpectedly showed up to cause havoc in the crowd.

Enzo, who was sacked by WWE earlier this year after failing to inform his employees of sexual assault allegations, was said to be cutting promos on anyone who'd listen in the Staples Center crowd, before moving to the front row. The (sigh) 'Smacktalker Skywalker' - in full gear - began causing a bit of a commotion before he was promptly collared by security and kicked out of the building

Several eagle eyed fans in attendance caught Amore's impromptu appearance on camera, inevitably uploading their amateur footage to social media immediately:

In January of this year, Phoenix police began investigating Amore over claims that he raped a woman in a hotel room the previous October. Police ultimately decided against pursuing charges, but Amore lost his job after failing to tell WWE he was under investigation.

Since leaving the ring, Amore has embarked upon a music career under the alias Real1. He's very, very bad.

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