Every WWE Casket Match Ranked From Worst To Best

Nothing shuts the lid on a feud quite like a Casket Match.


The Casket Match has been a staple of WWE for over two decades. The concept was first introduced to the company back in 1992 and since then, there have been 20 of them televised. Originally used as a stipulation for The Undertaker’s feuds, it has gone down in history as one of WWE’s most famous match variations (though the very first 'coffin match' actually took place between Dusty Rhodes and Ivan Koloff back in 1980). Furthermore, it has become so synonymous with The Phenom that he has competed in almost all of them.

A lot goes into a great Casket Match. While wrestling quality is always an important factor, there is a lot more to this type of match. Due to the concept (and its association with The Undertaker), storytelling also plays a major role. After all, if there aren’t any intimidation or scare tactics involved, is it really an enjoyable Casket Match?

After a lengthy absence, the beloved match type made its return this year at WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble event. But how did the match fare up against those that came before? Prepare yourself for a collection of bizarre, unorthodox and theatrical outings as we take a look back through the annals of WWE, observing the very best and worst that the Casket Match has to offer.


Michael Patterson is an experienced writer with an affinity for all things film and TV. He is also a major WWE fan and thinks that The Undertaker is the greatest professional wrestler of all time.