Exclusive Interview: Mick Foley Talks WWE Return, Playing Santa And Comedy

Mick Foley Last weekend I was able to get an interview with The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley whilst at the press conference for the upcoming 2K Games WWE 2K14 video game. Foley, who in his wrestling career was known for his extreme style of wrestling is more recently known for the extreme opposite to his former antics by releasing children's books and dressing up as Santa Claus in the upcoming documentary 'I Am Santa Claus' by director Tommy Avallone. In this interview I ask the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion what lead to his involvement in I Am Santa Claus, along with his favourite SummerSlam memories and match of all time and his time as a commentator on WWE Smackdown a few years back. As you'll see towards the end of the interview Mick and I are joined by Scott Schwartz, an actor I didn't recognise much to Mick's dismay. Mick said I needed to do my homework on Schwartz, so being one of the many who believes Foley is God I did just that! So for the benefit of anyone watching who wants to know more about Scott Schwartz he was in the 1983 movie 'A Christmas Story' as the character Flick. He was also in the Richard Pryor movie The Toy, and in the late nineties was involved in the adult film industry with credits including 'Scotty's X-Rated Adventure' and 'The Wrong Snatch' in which he played several characters including one called 'Wanker'. I kid thee not... It would seem in more recent years he's returned to more mainstream acting. Be sure to check out my other WWE coverage this week including interviews with Daniel Bryan and Jerry The King Lawler, coverage of the WWE 2K14 video game and wrestling stories and controversial behaviour from the SummerSlam weekend.
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