Fantasy-Booking A WWE G1 Climax

A Meeting Of Worlds - How Would WWE's Roster Fare In Their Own G1 Climax?


New Japan Pro Wrestling's G1 Climax is Japanese wrestling's premier annual tournament, showcasing the company's finest heavyweight talent. Their streaming service, New Japan World, has allowed them to reach a new global audience with their brand of strong-style wrestling.

G1 Climax 26 drew a great deal of eyes to New Japan's product, with stars like Kenny Omega, Kazuchika Okada, and Tetsuya Naito putting on matches that had fans and critics raving. Their exploits, as well as savvy booking from the company's management, have entrenched NJPW as the number two promotion in the world.

Despite being around for nearly half a century, NJPW are the new kid on the block in terms of broadcasting to a worldwide audience, and many exclusively WWE fans are curious about how they fit into the world of pro wrestling. The G1 is the perfect hop-on point for new fans, and to ease the transition, a helpful exercise is to think of an event such as this in a WWE context.

Fantasy booking a WWE G1 allows new fans to understand how the tournament is assembled. More importantly, it allows fans of both promotions to discuss the systematic differences between the two promotions, and why so many of us now call NJPW our favourite brand.

Let's give it a crack then, shall we?


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