Future World Champions Of 10 Wrestling Brands

Which competitors are the leaders-in-waiting around the pro wrestling world?


The big wide world of professional wrestling is more connected than ever, with fans able to enjoy product from every corner of the globe. When encountering a new wrestling show, the first place we naturally look is at the top of the card. The company's World Champion often sets the tone for the show itself, expected to put on the best matches and represent the company in the greater wrestling world.

Fans love to debate whether a booker has made a good or bad choice for their company's standard-bearer *enter Jinder rage here*. Perhaps a more constructive debate is to look further down the card, in an attempt to identify who may one day claim that top prize.

Sometimes a company will make a concerted effort to build their future poster boy. Other times they go completely overlooked, slogging away in the mid-card to the bemusement of the fanbase. Therefore, identifying a future World Champion can often be wildly frustrating when the bookers don't pull the trigger.

Hopefully the brands on this list will be aware of what they have in their stars of tomorrow.


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