G1 Climax: Ranking The 9 Possible Finals

What would be the best match to cap off this outstanding G1 tournament?


Here we go, fans. The G1 Climax is in the home stretch. Weeks of getting up early and suffering through Bad Luck Fale matches are about to pay off as the finalists from the A and B blocks are finally determined. It's been a long ride for NJPW fans, but as we approach the Budokan, the question remains: what will be this tournament's final?

The G1 Climax is the most important event on the New Japan calendar, so naturally, the final match is the most important all year. It determines half of the main event of next year's Wrestle Kingdom, so you need the right star power and story to generate interest.

And, since this is New Japan, you need excellent in-ring performers to deliver a match of the year candidate. Last year saw Tetsuya Naito and Kenny Omega break Dave Meltzer's rating system to perform possibly the greatest G1 final in history. Add in other recent classics such as Omega-Goto and Tanahashi-Nakamura, and this year's pending final has a lot to live up to.

Only one of nine possible matches will be the G1 Final. So let's find out together which is the most deserving to close what has been an amazing month of wrestling.

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