Has Brie Bella Just Retired From WWE?

Brie made a shock announcement on last night's Total Bellas.

Brie Bella 2018

Brie Bella's professional wrestling career may have just come to an end.

Sunday night's episode of Total Bellas saw the former WWE Divas Champion announce that she was officially retiring from the ring, having made the decision after last year's Evolution pay-per-view, on which she accompanied sister Nikki for her Raw Women's Championship main event with Ronda Rousey.

Stating that she wanted to focus on motherhood (via E! Online), Brie said: "I love WWE, but the one thing I've learned is that I can't do everything. I just can't."

On top of this, Bella announced that she and husband Daniel Bryan were moving back to Phoenix, Arizona, and will soon begin trying for a second baby.

Brie's last match came on the 8 October 2018 episode of Raw, where she, Nikki, and Rousey teamed against The Riott Squad. Her last run wasn't a success, with a string of high-profile botches (including her infamous concussion of Liv Morgan) drawing widespread criticism.

Total Bellas is a worked TV show. Take Brie's claims with a big yellow dump truck full of salt as a result, as there's every chance this is just part of a TD storyline, particularly as WWE are yet to acknowledge it elsewhere.

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