How Well Did YOU Pay Attention To Last Night's WWE SmackDown?

Test your blue brand knowledge.


Just like Monday Night Raw before it, the blue brand had to divvy up its time between building towards both WWE Evolution and Crown Jewel. SmackDown Live! also had the massive SmackDown 1000 to prepare the fans for... and they have an hour less than Raw... how lucky.

On an admittedly less eventful show, we did still get plenty of exciting moments. Between the announced return of Evolution, Rey Mysterio getting a match to qualify for the WWE World Cup Tournament, and Paige announcing the first ever Last Woman Standing match, there was much fun to be had tonight. Try to avoid Asuka though, since ya know, she and Nikki Cross technically had a Last Woman Standing match in NXT already...

With big names like AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and even The Big Show stopping by tonight, surely the product had a fair number of eyes on it. So to anyone who watched tonight and thinks they were paying as close attention as possible, we only ask one thing of you:

Prove it.

1. Which Two Wrestlers Qualified For The WWE World Cup Tournament?


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