Hulk Hogan Teases 'Big Announcement'

Hulkamaniacs told to mark 27 October in calendar.

Hulk Hogan Announcement

Hulk Hogan appeared at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland, OH this weekend, revealing to a gaggle of fervent fans that he has a big announcement coming.

He didn't make it there and then though, instead imploring Hulkamaniacs to note 27 October in their diaries:

"All the brothers out here with the nWo shirts on, something special is going to be going down. Just remember the date: October 27. Go to - something very special is going to happen."

A quick trip to the website confirms it, dropping the hint (in black and white lettering) that it is going to be "2 sweet brother". He signs off 'Hollywood Hulk Hogan'. We wonder...

News emerged this past week that an nWo reunion may very well be in the works, most likely for a WWE Network special. The slogan on Hogan's website seems to further point towards that being a reality.

It's been a pretty positive month or so for Hulk Hogan, all told, whose confidence must be skyrocketing after being reinstated into WWE's Hall of Fame. The Hulkster was exiled from the honour roll in 2015 after a private video surfaced depicting him spouting racial slurs but he was relisted on the eve of Extreme Rules, having apologised to each member of the company's roster. That was filmed, for some reason.

Hogan addressed the comeback during the convention, adopting a tone lacking in appropriate grace given the situation:

"WWE put Hulk Hogan back in the Hall of Fame. That means I get to go back and beat Vince McMahon up one more!"


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