Hulk Hogan's 10 Worst Acting Performances

24 inch pythons don't make a film star, brother!

Santa Muscle Hulk Hogan found some measure of success as a thespian at one point, but he got by entirely on his charisma and wrestling fame. And even his charisma didn't get him very far. If you're like me (read: anyone who watched pro wrestling in the 80s, 90s, or even early 2000s), Hogan was the man. Larger than life. Yes, The Rock came along in the Attitude Era and became the biggest star around, but Hogan was still the legend. Remember Hogan vs. The Rock in Toronto at Wrestlemania X8? Hogan, playing the heel role, wound up being cheered by the crowd in the "Icon vs. Icon" match. The legend is recognized and loved all over the world... for his personality and accomplishments as a sports entertainer. As an actor, however... Where the Rock successfully managed the transition between the pro wrestling world and Hollywood, Hogan, making the jump decades before him, didn't have the acting chops to really make it far. His lone highlight, really, can be seen as Rocky III - we'll give just about anyone a pass when it comes to the Rocky series. Other film appearances? Well, Hogan's film work tended to hover somewhere between the levels of mediocre and downright terrible, depending on the role and the material (what little of it there was, in some cases) there to work with. Voice roles later in his career (such as Robot Chicken) are really the only high points since Rocky, unless you were a fan of Hogan's reality show Hogan Knows Best. With that in mind, lets take a look at the 10 career "lowlights" from Hulk Hogan's less than storied film career (which make us all the more appreciative that he kept his primary focus on wrestling, and didn't try to cross over full time like The Rock did years later).

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