Impact Wrestling Now Officially Based In Canada

"This won't be our last time in Ottawa"...

Impact Wrestling

Jeremy Borash told fans in Ottawa that Impact Wrestling is now officially a Canadian company and would be basing itself in the country from now on during the recent batch of TV tapings.

Up until now, TNA/Impact Wrestling has always used Soundstage 21 at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida for filming, but that has now changed. Going forward, the company plan to hit more Canadian cities and the main Impact office will be based in Toronto.

This is a sweeping change for the promotion, but it's one that Anthem have reportedly been interested in since seizing control. Slowly but surely, they have gone about the task of moving the base of operations from Nashville, Tennessee to a new home North of the American border.

Years of talent departures, negative press and behind-the-scenes mismanagement have badly hurt the once-proud company, and it seems Anthem view a change of scenery as the first step towards healing Impact Wrestling.

Only time will tell if it works, but at least they're trying something different. Removing shows from the Impact Zone, which had become stale and lacked atmosphere, seems like a good idea.

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