Impact Wrestling Working On Major Image Change Ahead Of New TV Deal?

Impact look set to leave Pursuit for pastures new.

Impact Wrestling Brian Cage
Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling are on the verge of switching TV networks, and it sounds like the former TNA are working on big image changes ahead of the move.

Per PW Insider, the promotion have been putting together a bunch of potential new logo designs for their next big network move, suggesting that they'll go for another fresh start.

This would be the latest in a long line of recent revamps for Impact, who can't seem to go six months without either altering their aesthetic, changing their name, or jumping between TV networks. Regardless, it'd be nice to see the promotion take off again: their solid weekly product deserves more buzz.

Impact's current deal with Pursuit has been a complete disaster for the promotion. Leaving Pop TV has seen their weekly TV viewership fall to somewhere in the region of 10,000-15,000, while drawing similar numbers on Twitch. In addition, Pursuit accidentally aired the wrong episode of Impact's pretaped weekly show a short while ago, and there are ongoing issues with how the show records to set-top boxes.

Voices Of Wrestling had previously reported that Impact are in negotiations with Mark Cuban's AXS TV.

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