Injured Star Joins WWE's Creative Team?

A new role for one of WWE's biggest absentees.

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Former WWE Raw, SmackDown, and NXT Tag Team Champion Jason Jordan may have a new role within the company.

This is according to WrestleVotes. They tweeted the following last night, stating that Jordan is the latest name to join WWE's increasingly crowded writing team:-

An interesting move for the former American Alpha man, who hasn't wrestled since January 2018, and has also worked as a backstage producer during his time away from the squared circle.

Jordan was written off television not long after he and Seth Rollins had dropped the Raw Tag Team Championships to The Bar at Royal Rumble 2018. This was done so that he could undergo surgery on a serious neck issue, which reportedly went well, though the 30-year-old's wrestling career remains in the balance.

If Jordan is never able to compete again (and there's a strong chance he won't be), at least WWE have been able to find a new role for him. He was really finding his niche as a deluded pseudo-heel prior to the injury, and is, by all accounts, a great professional and a positive influence, so here's hoping he flourishes on WWE's creative team.

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