Is Matt Hardy Teasing His WWE Departure?

The clock is ticking on Matt's WWE contract...

 Woken Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy hasn't been seen on WWE television since the 13 August episode of Monday Night Raw, after which it was revealed he'd be taking time off the heal longstanding back issues.

Reports suggested Hardy's back and pelvis had started to fuse together, and that his situation was so bad he might be forced to retire. Matt has since refuted these claims, and recently tweeted that he was ready to make a comeback, but we're yet to see him return.

Now, it looks like Hardy might have eyes on life away from WWE. The 25-year veteran tweeted the following last night:-

Having tweeted earlier in the day that he has "always felt comfortable outside WWE," this suggests that the disused Superstar could soon walk, opening him up as a potential signing for one of Vince McMahon's competitors.

Matt's latest WWE run has been a moderate success, though the company's reticence to go all in on his old "Broken" gimmick remains a source of frustration. The "Woken" character hasn't resonated as strongly, and while there's a strong chance his hype has dissipated beyond the point of recovery, perhaps he'd prove a money-making asset to a company like AEW.

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