Jamie Noble Stabbed In West Virginia Trailer Park

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion still in the hospital...

Jamie Noble

Numerous sources are reporting that former WWE Cruiserweight Champion (and current producer for the company) Jamie Noble was stabbed twice during an altercation Wednesday morning.

As first broken by Pro Wrestling Sheet, Noble was returning home to the Shadowood mobile home park in West Virginia when he was confronted by another driver who accused Noble of cutting him off. Noble and the man got into an altercation, with Noble taking the man to the ground. Two other men then got out of the car, with one allegedly stabbing him in the back twice.

Noble was taken to the hospital, where he remained as of Friday. His condition is unknown, though he is rumored to have been moved out of the emergency room. WWE sources have been made aware of Noble's condition, though the company has yet to publicly acknowledge his stabbing.

Jamie Noble debuted in WCW in 1999 and jumped to WWE when the company was purchased in 2001. He became a stalwart in the cruiserweight division until being leaving in 2004 following a steroid-induced staph infection. After a run on the indies, he returned to WWE the following year, resuming his career as an undercard worker. In 2009, he retired from in-ring action to become a producer, but he joined Joey Mercury in 2014 as "J&J Security," henchmen for Seth Rollins.

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Jamie Noble
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