Jesse Sorensen: TNA's Future Break-Out Star?

Sorensen has a lot of potential without question but does he have all that it takes to become TNA's new break-out star?

First let's get to know Sorensen shall we?

Jessy Ryan Sorensen was born on April 1, 1989, and is currently signed to TNA. Sorensen would start to wrestle in 2008, wrestling all over the Texas Indy circuit as Ryan Sorensen. TNA would take notice of Sorensen in 2011, and put him in the X-Division Showcase Tournament. Sorensen, who was going by the name Jesse Sorensen at this point in his career, would lose to Jack Evans in a three-way match also featuring Anthony Nese. However, both TNA's management and the TNA fans were so impressed with Jesse, that he would eventually be signed to TNA. Sorensen would start to get more TV time, thus growing his fan-base. His charisma would build, and he would soon develop his own gimmick (a former high-school quarterback from Texas). Sorensen was one of the few wrestlers within TNA's roster that would get a huge ovation every time his entrance theme hit. But Sorensen isn't all hype by any means. Sorensen is without a doubt, one of the most under-rated wrestlers not only in TNA, but in the wrestling business in all. He also has the "superstar" look that TNA ironically needs more of. Sorensen's in-ring ability is not to be taken lightly. With his Rolling Cutter and his own version of the Shooting-Star Press called "The Lone Star Press", Sorensen also has those devastating finishing maneuvers that are rarely present in TNA nowadays. His technical ability is also over-looked, as his mat-work is very good. With all of this in mind, we still have to consider that it could be a little while before we see Sorensen in the main-event spotlight. With wrestlers such as: Austin Aries, Bully Ray, James Storm, and Bobby Roode finally getting a much-deserved push, Sorensen may have to wait a little while before his time to shine comes. Sorensen does however, have all the makings to be TNA's star player in the future.
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