Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler Booked For Raw's 25th Anniversary

Are WWE putting the old team back together for one night only?

WWE Raw 25

Legendary announcer Jim Ross revealed on Twitter that both he and ex-broadcast partner Jerry 'The King' Lawler will be in attendance for WWE Raw's 25th Anniversary.

Ross was responding to a fan question about the possibility of seeing JR and The King back in Raw's hot seat and announcing the show. Showing his funny side, Ross quipped that Lawler and himself would be in catering, if nothing else, and didn't give the game away on what their respective roles would be.

If WWE have gone to the trouble of booking such an infamous duo, it makes sense to believe both will reprise their beloved double act behind the announce desk for part (if not all) of the special.

In a perfect world, Vince McMahon would also step onto commentary for some of the evening too, preferably as part of the broadcast from the old Manhattan Center. This would leave Ross, Lawler, Michael Cole and the new announce squad to carry duties from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Hearing that Ross and Lawler will be involved should put a smile on the faces of older fans who recall their stunning work together during Raw's heyday in the Attitude Era.

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