Jinder Mahal Vs Triple H On WWE's India Tour

Ex-WWE Champion set for huge house show bout.

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WWE has confirmed that Jinder Mahal will fight Triple H during the company's tour of India next month.

The pair will meet at a house show on December 9 in New Delhi after The Game called out the man around whom much of the Indian promotional material has been centered.

Despite being billed as the headline act, though, it seems Jinder won't be heading to his ancestral home with the WWE Championship around his waist.

In a shock move this week on SmackDown, the Modern Day Maharaja was relieved of his title by AJ Styles, who will now take his place in the champion versus champion match with Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series as a result.

In the immediate aftermath of his defeat, Jinder shot down rumours via Instagram that his apparent demotion was the result of injury or wellness policy violation.

The reward of a mega-match with Triple H would appear to confirm that, even if he seems to now be off next Sunday's pay-per-view entirely.

An interesting sub-plot in all of this, notes WON, is that the 31-year-old was originally scheduled to meet Kevin Owens - in the dog house as of Tuesday - on December 9.

The last-minute alteration means that loyalties among the New Delhi crowd may now be divided between the ex-champion and perennial fan favourite Triple H.

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