Kane Was Scheduled For Cancelled WWE Shows

Schedule slashes for cost-saving measures.


WWE have once more been bringing the axe down on their live event schedule, cancelling five shows which had been scheduled for August.

An entire fortnight of Raw stops were quietly nixed from the calendar, disappointing fans in Bossier City, LA, Lafayette, LA, Mobile, AL, Bangor, ME and Portland, ME.

This comes shortly after we learned that the company will no longer be running SmackDown Live events on Mondays. Earlier this year, WWE slashed a series of blue branded events as they snatched talent for the 'Wild Card' rule.

Writing in the latest issue of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that Kane - who hasn't appeared for the company since last November's Crown Jewel - had been advertised for the first two cancelled dates.

He also attributed WWE's trimming of their schedule to poor ticket sales, noting "it's no longer the case that almost all house shows are profitable."

"The key is that it’s clearly bad advances, because the following week with Bangor and Portland, the shows were canceled, but the 9/1 show in White Plains at the Westchester County Center, a building WWE has historically always packed even in the worst of times, is still on."

Meltzer went on to note that WWE have informed him that, despite the cancellations, the company will continue weekends tours. They are expecting an upswing in SmackDown attendance once it hits Fox in October.

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