Kenny Omega Says WWE Is Beneath Him

"You can quote me on this, I don't care"...

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Kenny Omega had strong words for both Chris Jericho and WWE during a press conference promoting Wrestle Kingdom 12.

At NJPW's annual Tokyo Dome show in January, the current IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion will defend against Chris Jericho. To further stir interest and respond to Jericho's challenge for the match, Omega appeared before New Japan cameras and expressly said everyone in WWE was "so below" him.

Quickly following that up by claiming nobody in WWE can put together a performance like he can, Omega then called himself "the trend" and shared his belief that "anyone copying anyone is copying me".

This is either part of Omega's plan to help New Japan expand into the United States or a sly scheme concocted by Chris Jericho to show he doesn't necessarily need WWE to be successful. It could be both, and it's worth noting Y2J hasn't wrestled outside Vince McMahon's company since 1999.

It's huge that he's taken the match in Japan to begin with. Wrestle Kingdom is effectively Japan's version of WrestleMania, and though he can stand on his own two feet, it's difficult to foresee Jericho jeopardising his WWE relationship without some sort of discussion with McMahon.

The plot thickens.

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