Kevin Owens And Sami Zayn Sent Home From WWE's Europe Tour

Duo kicked off trip due to misconduct.

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Update: F4Wonline posted an update to this story confirming that the duo were disciplined and kicked off the tour after they the post-match angle from Sami's loss to Kofi Kingston with the New Day involved, didn't go as scripted. Owens and Zayn were supposed to stay in the ring and be beaten up by the New Day but for reasons unexplained, they decided to walk to the back early and avoid this.

According to Sports Illustrated, SmackDown superstars Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens were sent home after Tuesday night's Manchester taping on account of "conduct deemed detrimental to WWE."

The decision was apparently sanctioned by Vince McMahon himself, taken as a consequence of the pair supposedly 'going into business for themselves' during their on-air segments.

During the show's opening segment, Owens and Zayn interrupted GM Shane McMahon and The New Day, resulting in a match between Zayn and Kofi Kingston which the Canadian duly lost. It was later announced that the two would face off against the former SmackDown tag champions on next week's episode in Charlotte, NC.

There was nothing overtly unusual in any of the material delivered by Zayn or Owens on yesterday's show, so the possibility the story is an elaborate work is viable. But it's also worth noting Vince McMahon's past record of dealing disproportionate punishment for seemingly innocuous offences - just ask Titus O'Neil.

How the disciplined duo's dismissal from duty will affect the remainder of the tour - one which has already been blighted by absentees - isn't yet clear. The company's European jaunt concludes this Sunday, in Florence, Italy.

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