Lance Russell, Memphis Legend And Former WCW Commentator, Dies

The legendary voice of Memphis wrestling was 91.

My dear friend and greatest wrestling commentator ever, Lance Russell passed away this morning. I would have never been without him. R.I.P.

— Jerry Lawler (@JerryLawler) 3 October 2017

One of the wrestling industry's greatest ever television hosts, Lance Russell, passed away this morning at the age of 91. The news was confirmed by Russell's family on Facebook following a Tweet from Jerry Lawler.

Russell, the defining voice of the Memphis territory, had been hospitalised for the past week following a fall, during which he broke a hip. The devastating news comes less than a week after Russell's daughter lost her battle with cancer.

Starting his career in the late '50s, Russell was a dependable figure in the industry for over four decades, exuding a sweet charm and comforting presence as the man with the microphone in hand. Russell is best remembered as the host of the Saturday morning show for Jerry Jarrett's Continental Wrestling Association, where he also served as a commentator, calling many of the Memphis territory's most memorable encounters.

Later in his career, Russell commentated for both WCW and Smoky Mountain Wrestling, before entering a well-earned semi-retirement in 1997.

Besides being a pioneer for the Memphis territory - it was his decision as a director to put their flagship TV show in the successful Saturday morning slot - Russell was also known as one of the nicest people in the business. sends its condolences to the Russell family and their friends at this desperately difficult time.

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