Lio Rush Removes All WWE References From Social Media

The Man Of The Hour is already asking for bookings on Twitter.

Lio Rush

The past few days have been relatively quiet for Lio Rush, who has become one of WWE's most talked-about Superstars in recent weeks, with talk of major backstage heat casting doubt over his future.

'The Man Of The Hour' reportedly turned down a big-money offer to stay under WWE employ last week. Although Tye Dillinger, Dean Ambrose, Hideo Itami, and TJP have successfully walked from the promotion 2019, it's unlikely that WWE will let Rush and fellow malcontents Luke Harper, Sasha Banks, and The Revival follow them. Regardless, it looks like the former indie standout is already preparing for life after WWE.

Rush removed all mentions of the promotion from his social media bios yesterday, even going so far as adding an email address for booking inquiries:-

Lio Rush Twitter

It's hard to tell how much we should be reading into this. For the most part, WWE Superstars are forbidden from taking outside bookings while still under contract. Rush is now actively encouraging rival promoters to send him offers. This could mean Vince McMahon has agreed to let him go, or 'The Man Of The Hour' may have gone rogue.

Expect clarification on Rush's future as the situation develops.

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