Lucha Underground Drop Wrestlers' TV Exclusivity Clauses

LU's stars are now free to work wherever they want.

Rey Mysterio Lucha Underground
El Rey Network

Cult wrestling promotion Lucha Underground has just been renewed for a fourth season in the United States, and there are big changes coming to their workers' contracts.

According to LU producer Eric Van Wagenen, the company have decided to shelve the exclusivity clauses that once prevented roster members from appearing for other televised wrestling promotions, effectively immediately. Organisations like Ring Of Honor, Impact, and Japan's NOAH were mentioned by name, with Van Wagenen noting that they're working on specific deals with these companies.

Their goal is to get as many wrestlers as possible on television in order to increase their exposure, and in turn, Lucha Underground's. The effects are already being seen, too, with LU's Joey Ryan unveiled as an ROH performer yesterday morning, and Sami Callihan turning up in Impact last week.

LU's restrictive contracts have been the source of much criticism throughout the promotion's existence. The company tape in bulk, leaving talent with nothing to do other than work for untelevised companies for the rest of the year, severely limiting their ability to make a living. Now, it appears as though LU wrestlers will enjoy the same freedoms as any other indie group.

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