Major Backstage Heat On WWE Raw Superstar?

This Raw wrestler is attracting the wrong kind of backstage attention.

Lio Rush Raw

Lio Rush hasn't had the best of times lately.

It was his pinfall loss to Finn Balor that cost Bobby Lashley the Intercontinental Championship in their Elimination Chamber handicap match, prompting a post-match beatdown from manager to client. Rush then followed up by taking the fall in a tag bout against Ricochet and Balor on Raw.

Are WWE teasing a split angle with Lio and his main roster meal ticket? If so, the reasoning may now be apparent.

Speaking on PW Insider's Elite Audio show, Mike Johnson noted that Rush has a reputation for rubbing his fellow wrestlers the wrong way backstage. He doesn't know whether or not the company hold this against him, and therefore couldn't confirm if it is factoring into his recent booking, but it all adds up.

This isn't the first time Rush has attracted backstage heat. Emma's October 2017 release saw him tweet "these are the things that happen when you're not TRULY ready for Asuka" (the Australian's last televised WWE opponent), prompting angry responses from fans, wrestling media members, and other WWE Superstars.

A shame, as Rush has been effective in his role as Lashley's gloriously obnoxious manager.

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