Mauro Ranallo Returning To WWE NXT This Week

Good news regarding the popular play-by-play man.

Mauro Ranallo

It looks like Mauro Ranallo is on his way back to Full Sail University.

Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin broke the news last night, stating that the popular NXT play-by-play announcer had informed WWE officials he will be returning to work this coming Wednesday.

Tom Phillips filled in for Ranallo on last week's show. Mauro had taken time off following critical comments made by SmackDown's Corey Graves during TakeOver: WarGames III, leading not only to Ranallo missing Survivor Series 2019 the following night, but skipping his usual spot on NXT as well. Ranallo also deactivated his social media accounts in the wake of Graves' tweets.

Last week brought reports that Mauro was in "rough shape" after the weekend, though Dave Meltzer came through with news that he'd been doing a lot better a few days later. Now, it looks like Ranallo on his way back.

Mauro's struggles with mental health issues are well-documented. It's good to hear that he has been able to rebound from this latest bout so swiftly and his popularity within the fandom guarantees a warm reception on Wednesday, as he retakes his position alongside Beth Phoenix and Nigel McGuinness.

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