Mick Foley Makes WWE 24/7 Title Challenge

"I'm coming back to bring my baby home!"

Mick Foley 24/7

Mick Foley presented the gaudy green 24/7 Championship to not even the sound of usually rowdy crickets this past May, completely failing to ignite the interest of the WWE Universe. Three months on, the belt is perhaps the best thing going in the company - and now Foley wants it back.

WWE have been heavily promoting their Network mandated 'Raw Reunion' scheduled for this Monday, and amidst the huge number of returnees advertised to undermine the current crop of stars is Hall of Famer and originator of the 24/7's Hardcore predecessor Foley. Ahead of his appearance this week, Mick Tweeted that he won't be on the show "for the sake of coming back", but is in town to snag R-Truth's round-the-clock strap:

The current title holder responded to the challenge in the most dismissive manner possible, Tweeting back a gif of comedian Charlie Murphy in full-on sides-split mode.

Presuming Foley does snatch the strap from Truth, he'll be able to tell all the original naysayers "told you so." Either way, the belt at least provides the slew of returning legends an opportunity to do something constructive on one of these nostalgia shows for a change. It really is the gift that keeps giving.

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