Mick Foley’s 13 Most Hardcore Moments

2. Lost His Ear

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJPLkrfW-KY Throughout this article, I€™ve often had to question the very words that I€™ve typed. And I have a feeling this following sentence is going to be another case. In 1994, Mick Foley lost his ear in a match against Vader. Strangely enough, this wasn€™t even a particularly extreme match. None of the aforementioned paraphernalia were used, and the loss of Foley€™s ear was in fact the result of the incident at around 7:25 on the above video. Foley inadvertently got caught up too tight in the ropes, and when he eventually writhed free he did so without a key body part. Somewhat disturbingly (though I'd imagine in the name of safety), it appears that the referee even reached down to pick up the severed ear (at about 8:15 on the video) to keep it out of harm€™s way. It seems insane that I€™m even explaining this, but I€™d say that losing a part of one€™s body is reason enough to make it into the top two of an all-time hardcore moments list.
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