Mickie James Back In WWE Ring But John Cena Affair May Stop A Contract

If you have watched any of the womens wrestling in WWE, you know the divas scene is pretty dead. Gone…

Grahame Herbert

WWE Editor

Mickie James

If you have watched any of the womens wrestling in WWE, you know the divas scene is pretty dead. Gone are the days when meaningful matches were contested by the likes of Trish Stratus, Victoria, Lita and Mickie James. WWE is in desperate need for a talented women wrestler to revitalize the division, with no current strong opponents available to challenge AJ Lee’s Divas Title reign.

Mickie James could well be the person to come in and add interest to the division. James’ contract was not renewed in TNA Wrestling’s recent cost cutting measures, and James has since been focusing on her “music” career.

Last week however, James made a surprise return in a WWE ring – working as a guest instructor for the week at WWE’s Performance Center in Florida. This news suggests that James and WWE are on very good terms, and makes a return a lot more likely. In her role as trainer, the next generation of womens wrestlers will certainly benefit from one of the WWE’s most talented women of the last decade.

So why wouldn’t WWE be interested in bringing James back as a full time wrestler? There is a genuine lack of contenders for AJ Lee. Mickie James is a proven quality worker, she shone for WWE in her feud with Trish Stratus back in 2005. However, Mickie James left WWE in 2010 because of an affair with John Cena, according to her ex boyfriend Kenny Dykstra. Nikki Bella and Cena likely aren’t going to be too receptive to a returning Mickie James. Cena’s stroke with management therefore casts any Mickie James return in doubt.

Still, James has said she would “love to go back” to WWE and work with Natalya. Her role at the performance center has certainly raised her chances of getting back to the big league.