#MondayMotivation: 7 Things To Look Forward To This Week In Wrestling (July 17)

Reasons To Be Cheerful.


The constant churn of professional wrestling often creates a sense of malaise around the product due to over-saturation, but it's during the hardest slog of the week when it's most useful to indulge in the inanity as the simplest form of pre-occupation.

With hours of original content provided by WWE 52 weeks a year and countless exciting events occurring in New Japan, GFW and beyond, there's never not a spell where devotees and sceptics alike won't be gifted something that forces a wry smile from even the most cynical supporter's eye.

As is so often the case now, WWE will spend the week building up to two separate pay-per-views, with Monday Night Raw beginning its push to SummerSlam with a blockbuster main event, some choice undercard cuts and potentially some clarity in the direction of the Women's Division ahead of the massive Brooklyn spectacular.

Meanwhile, SmackDown Live!'s concerns are more pressing, with the blue brand-only Battleground pay-per-view set to hit Philadelphia on Sunday. With just days left, Tuesday's go-home show is sure to feature big last moments for all the key players.

If your #MondayMotivation comes more from a clothesline than a cat picture, or profound quote sounds better delivered by Paul Heyman than a schoolmate you were guilted into friending on Facebook, let wrestling be your early-week escape with a review of all the exciting events on the horizon.


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