More Details On Eric Bischoff And Paul Heyman's WWE Roles

Both men have key company responsibilities.

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The wrestling world was caught by surprise last month when Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff were named 'Executive Directors' of Raw and SmackDown respectively, but we're only just now beginning to learn the precise details of their roles before they begin in earnest.

The latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that the two new honchos will be directly responsible for the merchandise of each brand, as well as media publicity. It's understood that Bischoff and Heyman's jobs are distinct from those held by previous head writers of Raw and SmackDown; they will report to Vince McMahon, and be held accountable their respective brand's interaction with the rest of the company's departments.

It was further reported that while Ed Koskey will remain installed as Raw's head writer, it'll be Heyman guiding the actual creative direction of the show. Presumably, it'll be the same scenario for Bischoff over on SmackDown.

Ultimately, both men will still require Vince McMahon to sign any of their ideas off, so we could discover the situation remaining exactly the same.

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