Neville Poised For WWE Return This Month?

Geordie's problems seemingly massively overstated.

Neville WWE

Neville's WWE exile may be about to come to a close. According to a report from, the 'Man that Gravity Forgot' could be set for a Stamford return this month - perhaps as soon as this week.

Sources from within the company purport that Neville has enjoyed positive discussions with company officials, with talks said to have went so well that the former cruiserweight champion could be back on TV within the next seven days.

Last month, the internet rumour mill was awash with activity after Neville seemingly walked out on the company, with many reporting that he had been released from his contract. WWE were quick to deny they had let the sub-205lb star go, though his immediate removal from the television cast considerable doubt on this claim.

Further gossip alleged Neville's grievance revolved around having to drop the purple strap to Enzo Amore - an inferior performer in the eyes of many fans. This now seems to have been a case of finding fire to go with the billowing smoke, as PWInsider also report that not only was Neville not working on the week of his supposed flounce, but that he and the New Jersey smacktalker have become close buddies on the road.

As ever, we'll report more as it emerges.

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