Nia Jax Vs. Dean Ambrose WWE Intergender Match CANCELLED

Put your pitchforks away, because the controversial match is off.

Dean Ambrose Nia Jax

News that WWE had booked an "Intergender Special Attraction" match between Nia Jax and Dean Ambrose for a 22 February house show sparked controversy last week, but it looks like the match has been scrapped.

The story broke when Twitter user @flairsnia circulated an advert for the bout. Scepticism was high, as while WWE have used Jax to test the IG waters lately (most notably when she competed in the men's Royal Rumble) that they'd suddenly decide to have a man and woman wrestle each other on a live event seemed too out of the blue.

It looks like the cynicism was earned. The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer and John Pollock of Post Wrestling both reached out to the company about the matter, and were told that the bout wasn't happening, with the latter told specifically that the advertisement was "outdated."

Ambrose and Jax first crossed paths on the post-Rumble episode of Raw, when 'The Irresistible Force' struck the soon-to-depart 'Lunatic Fringe.' With Dean's contract expiring in April, cynics assumed that WWE might use Jax to bury their former World Champion on the way out, but it looks like Ambrose has been spared of this.

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