Nicole Bass Still Alive, Doctors To Remove Life Support Later Today

The former WWE star reportedly suffered a heart attack.

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Multiple sources have been reporting the passing of former WWE and ECW wrestler Nicole Bass since Thursday evening, including a lengthy statement from one of Nicole's friends on her personal Facebook page. For now, however, it looks like these reports are premature.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reportedly spoke to a front desk employee at the hospital Bass currently occupied, who confirmed that Bass is there. Bass is still alive, but is currently brain dead, and doctors expect to take her off life support later today. Nicole's friend knew that Bass hadn't passed yet, but posted the Facebook update as she felt Nicole was "already gone."

Bass, 52, was reportedly rushed to a New York hospital over the weekend and later put on life support. There's no word on what caused her to become unresponsive on Thursday, however.

One of Pro Wrestling Sheet's sources states that Bass suffered a heart attack at the hospital, and that nothing that can be done to save her. The decision to take her off life support was made this morning, and there's no word yet on whether police will be investigating Bass' passing or not.

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