NWO Twenty Years Later: Where Are They Now?

28. Buff Bagwell


They say the best gimmicks are those that are an extension of a wrestler's real life personality (like for example, renowned zombie The Undertaker). There are those who take it a step further and practically live their gimmick. Marcus 'Buff' Bagwell didn't just live his: he made it his profession after retiring.

A mainstay with the company, the one-time American Male sent shock-waves through the industry (OK, not really) when he turned on partner Scotty Riggs to join the nWo in 1996. From then on, he was just another of member of the group, perpetually beating up faces and barely distinguishing himself.

Bagwell had longevity in WCW, but was never a top star; the highest point of his run was the top of his stupid hat. Throughout his tenure in the company, Bagwell traded off his 'pretty boy' gimmick (your mileage may vary here), and after leaving the industry (accelerated by a car accident which left him with permanent nerve damage), 'Buff Daddy' translated his apparently handsome visage to another profession: he became a gigolo.

Working for 'straight male escort service for women' known as Cowboys 4 Angels, Bagwell reportedly earns $400 per hour in his new line of employment. Seriously. Visit their website. There he is, in his soft suede brown shirt. I might have shelled out the $25,000 weekly rate had he bothered to tuck it in.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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